I have always been extremely passionate about the act of creation.  I began art
making at a very young age, before I could even identify my explorations as “art.”  
I grew up in Lewiston, New York at a time when Artpark was thriving.  I was
surrounded by a constantly changing and inspiring group of contemporary artists.  I
began to throw clay at age 6, carve wood at age 11, weld at age 12, and cast glass and
iron at age 13.  I took to these processes instinctively.  Working with these various
techniques became as natural as breathing.  

Over the past few years, I have created, produced, and collaborated on numerous
sculptural commissions and public art projects locally, nationally, and
internationally.  I am seduced by forms in nature, as well as the human figure.  
I am inspired by the power and essence of the various materials I use (bronze, iron,
wood, video, paint, earth, glass, stone, and landscape), although I am ultimately
trying to express raw human emotion.  I am moved by my life experiences and love
to work on sculpture as a way to communicate these emotions with the world.  I feel
that touching someone deeply and spiritually though art can be an intensely
meaningful experience.  I live for this intimacy, this connection.  Experiencing art is
an incredible way for people of different cultures, classes, races, and sexes to come
together and relate to one another, if even only for a fleeting moment.  This is why
I make art; this is my calling.
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